Thank you St. Joseph Faith Formation Team!
February 10, 2017


Thank you to parents of confirmation candidates and the faith formation staff at St. Joseph – especially Katie Smith, Ojas Inamdar, and Christie Gutierrez Quintanilla.

In the Western Church, candidates for the sacrament of confirmation are usually young teens. Preparation consists in part in giving them the tools to live out and defend their faith in the world.

What is so cool is that St. Joseph actually requires parents to be trained on issues of mental health, communication skills and social media as a part of sacramental preparation. This is such an expansive and well grounded understanding of what faith formation is all about. First, it acknowledges that spiritual growth is never a solitary endeavor. We walk this walk with our children and they walk it with us. Second, it recognizes that solid formation cannot merely consist in memorizing scriptures or completing workbooks. Solid formation must be holistic, engage the family, and it must take into account real world threats to the health, well being, and dignity of the child — mind, body, and soul.

Well done parents and staff. Thank you.

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