#iwilllisten Pizza Party with NAMI-Dallas!! Thank you!
February 2, 2016


Thank you all of the 60 or so young people who chose to spend a wonderful evening with us. Some of you we have met before, some we have never met. Either way, we are so happy to have you all as friends.

Let’s keep doing this!! Wasn’t it great??

Sometimes when you feel like you’re alone it helps to realize that you’re actually surrounded by people who understand and care more than you ever imagined. This goes for parents and young people.

How about Kriti Narayanan? Holy guacamole! She and her amazing mother showed such grace and courage. Thank you Kriti for sharing your story with such thoughtfulness and eloquence. Your example and witness is powerful.

And all parents: thank you for coming. Thank you for stopping by. Thank you for letting us spend the evening with your kids. You are always welcome at these events.

Thank you Lisa and Marsha from NMAI-Dallas. I think we’re a good team. 🙂

Thank you Anita Cepeda from RHS for finding a dang bus and staying up late with your little angel.

Thank you SpringPark for the generous use of the clubhouse.

And thank you to our posse: Meredeth, Clarissa, Hillary, Brian.



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