Bravo Apollo STEAM Academy and RISD!!
August 25, 2016

Apollo STEAM Academy has made some very impressive changes at the beginning of this year.

First, as a matter of school policy, all cell phone use is now prohibited during school hours. Why is this a good idea? First smart phone use in general and social media in particular is a huge source of distraction and unnecessary drama. This distraction and drama can have consequences that range from the merely regretful to the breathtakingly tragic. Either way, by making this change, Apollo is saying they want none of it. This policy sends the clear message that when you’ re in our care, the focus is about education. Well done.

For objectors, we get it — smart phones are nice because they enable students are able to get notifications from teachers in real time, and research topics in the classroom. That’s good! But doesn’t relying on student’s own technology provide an academic penalty to students who can’t afford these devices? Is it really wise to set the expectation that 13 year olds need to have a smart phone just to keep up? This is a tricky issue. How to deal with this? Well, again, Apollo is leading the way.

Beginning this year each student will have their own laptop for use during school hours. Nice right? Go paperless, eliminate those horrible spine-crushing backpacks. What’s more, every student is on the same digital playing field with all wireless access centrally managed by the school IT department. Smart, fair, safe, and all about education!!

Our board has voted, and we formally endorse and applaud this decision. Way to go Apollo.

One last thing. Our own little Panthers report that classical music is now piped through the halls of the school! How wonderful.





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