Sadie Walker Foundation Fundraiser and Gala – Thank You!
December 29, 2015

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Thank you family, friends, co-workers. Thank you Fr. Juan Caros, the Corey Paul Band, and SpringPark HOA.

Thank you especially al the young people who turned out in force to show their love. You filled and hung balloons, handed out ribbons, and manned the coat check. Most of all you brought your smiles! We’ll say it again — this is all about you. We called you, and you came! Thank you! (And if you wanted to come but couldn’t, don’t worry…we have plenty of other things planned)

It was a lovely time. It was a celebration. Did you feel it? We did too.

We made a couple of announcements. First, the Sadie Walker Foundation has been approved by the State of Texas as a non-profit and we are in the process of getting 501c(3) status. We introduced our board:

  • David Walker, President
  • Norma Walker, Vice-President
  • Christy Zartler, Treasurer
  • Daisy Walker, Secretary
  • Meredith Baughman
  • Brandi Youngkin

So many people have helped us in ways seen and unseen. The board agreed unanimously to extend awards to two special individuals as an expression of deep thanks.

  • Clarissa Salazar was given the “First Responder” award. Thank you Clarissa.
  • Coach Weaver was given the Pillar of Strength for our Youth. Thank you Coach.

We also expressed plans to work with some of these great kids to explore the topics technology, social media, suicide prevention, and bring what we have learned to our communities and schools. A lot of these great kids have expressed interest, and you can expect to see more on this very soon.

Lastly, we want to share with everybody the wonderful video message sent to us my the incredible Lizzie Velasquez. She is the star of the new movie, “A Brave Heart“. If you haven’t heard her story of overcoming obstacles, take a look.

Thank you all again. As we said in our remarks, as we approach this milestone, we remember Sadie. We wish she was here. We miss her. We’ll never forget her, and we know you won’t either. We’re always here for you. We have been united by something that cannot be forgotten. Let us remain friends forever.

Stay in touch, we’re not going anywhere.

David and Norma

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