News and Events

This weekend we had a great time supporting NAMI Dallas and Jennifer Gray!¬† Jennifer hosted the Don’t Quit half marathon in support of mental illness and suicide prevention. To learn more about Jennifer and her work check out her Facebook page. Thank you Diana, Nicole, Karen, Bethzua, Daniella, Beth, Clemence, Jillian, David and Lucy for […]


Thank you to parents of confirmation candidates and the faith formation staff at St. Joseph – especially Katie Smith, Ojas Inamdar, and Christie Gutierrez Quintanilla. In the Western Church, candidates for the sacrament of confirmation are usually young teens. Preparation consists in part in giving them the tools to live out and defend their faith […]

Good News and an Update!
June 2, 2016

Wonderful news this week from the IRS. The good news is that the Sadie Walker Foundation has been formally classified as a tax-exempt 501c(3) private foundation. Thank you for everyone who has helped us get this far. In terms of our activities, there’s been quite a few. We recently presented on Teens and Social Media […]


Thank you all of the 60 or so young people who chose to spend a wonderful evening with us.¬†Some of you we have met before, some we have never met. Either way, we are so happy to have you all as friends. Let’s keep doing this!! Wasn’t it great?? Sometimes when you feel like you’re […]


Thank you parents and staff of Wylie Preparatory Academy for your hospitality and faithful example of intentional parenting. Parents and staff meeting in homes to address a shared area of concern: this is the way to make an impact. Topics shared over iced tea: social media, faith, mental health, the law. It was an honor […]


Special thanks to Naomi Nishihira wrote a thoughtful and well written piece on social media and suicide. This article can be found here. Also, thank you to Nathan Hunsinger who came out to our home with his exceptionally large bag of cameras. Nathan, the coffee is always on. The article makes an exceptional point that […]