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Spoiler Alert: This post reveals important plot elements of the miniseries 13 Reasons Why. When I decided to write a piece on the miniseries 13 Reasons Now, I had a chance to discuss it with some kids from our group. As with any complicated topic, the reactions are varied. Some of us enjoyed it – […]


Apollo STEAM Academy has made some very impressive changes at the beginning of this year. First, as a matter of school policy, all cell phone use is now prohibited during school hours. Why is this a good idea? First smart phone use in general and social media in particular is a huge source of distraction and […]


This afternoon we had the pleasure of speaking with the staff and administrators of Apollo STEAM Academy about social media and mental health. To everybody present today, thank you! So many of you are already friends and it is so great to have the opportunity to make new friends. You guys are doing great — the policies […]


Thank you parents and staff of Wylie Preparatory Academy for your hospitality and faithful example of intentional parenting. Parents and staff meeting in homes to address a shared area of concern: this is the way to make an impact. Topics shared over iced tea: social media, faith, mental health, the law. It was an honor […]

Back to school thoughts
August 18, 2015

As summer winds down, our thoughts turn to school, new friends, new backpacks, shoes, and school supplies. Perhaps now is a appropriate time to start to conversation with your child about where social media and mobile technology fits into your family. Maybe you are a parent who feels the need to get caught up on […]

Thank you RHS and BSE parents
May 5, 2015

Thank you parents and teachers of Richardson High School and Big Springs Elementary for taking time to listen to our story and to discuss social media and teen health. Please take a moment to add your names to our list of supporters and stop by often.