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Thank you Laurie Stein and the RISD Council of PTA’s SAGE program for the opportunity to speak on the subject of Teens and Social Media. There were about 25 folks in attendance, mostly parents of school aged children. What great conversations and insights.  It really drives home the point that we’re all in this together, and we […]


Thank you, thank you, thank you! Thank you family, friends, co-workers. Thank you Fr. Juan Caros, the Corey Paul Band, and SpringPark HOA. Thank you especially al the young people who turned out in force to show their love. You filled and hung balloons, handed out ribbons, and manned the coat check. Most of all […]

Can We be Thankful for Suffering?
November 27, 2015

What to do about suffering? It’s a problem, isn’t it? We see it everywhere, we work hard to stamp it out — and it keeps coming back like a weed. What does it mean? It does seem to be part of the human condition. And because it seems to be part of the human condition, […]


This Sunday I had the wonderful opportunity to talk with a tremendous group of young people who form the Teen Committee for Hanna4Hope. Hanna4Hope is an organization formed by the Tim and Raina Clark to bring awareness to the issue of teen suicide following the death of their daughter Hanna on April 25, 2013. Some […]

Crooked Lines and a Girl in Pink
October 5, 2015

This weekend I found myself thinking I was going somewhere, and I was really going somewhere else. Where I thought I was going was to Ray and Deanna’s house. They are very good friends who took care of us (along with a thousand other people) when we were unable to do so ourselves. Where I […]


For all young people going back to school, now is a good time to check in. New classes, new teachers, new friends, old friends. There’s excitement and hope. That’s awesome. That enthusiasm and hope is what young people bring into the world. Thank you for that. That is your gift. I also know that beneath […]


Thank you parents and staff of Wylie Preparatory Academy for your hospitality and faithful example of intentional parenting. Parents and staff meeting in homes to address a shared area of concern: this is the way to make an impact. Topics shared over iced tea: social media, faith, mental health, the law. It was an honor […]

Back to school thoughts
August 18, 2015

As summer winds down, our thoughts turn to school, new friends, new backpacks, shoes, and school supplies. Perhaps now is a appropriate time to start to conversation with your child about where social media and mobile technology fits into your family. Maybe you are a parent who feels the need to get caught up on […]


Special thanks to Naomi Nishihira wrote a thoughtful and well written piece on social media and suicide. This article can be found here. Also, thank you to Nathan Hunsinger who came out to our home with his exceptionally large bag of cameras. Nathan, the coffee is always on. The article makes an exceptional point that […]

6 Months
June 25, 2015

Some titles just write themselves, don’t they? Shortly after Sadie’s death, a woman came to us who had herself experienced the loss of a child by suicide. She said, “I count Wednesdays, you’re probably going to count Thursdays.” Sometimes Thursdays come and go unnoticed. Sometimes they make themselves known by a swelling in the chest […]