Announcing: Family Self-Defense Workshop
May 21, 2015

Do you know what your children do online? When asked, 70% of children say no.

Moreover — unlike restaurants, churches, and schools —┬ásocial media platforms are not required to maintain a child-safe environment for their patrons.

We have partnered with the developers of My Mobile Watchdog to help provide parents with tools they need to make the Internet a safe and useful place for their children.

My Mobile Watchdog allows parents pick and choose which elements of the online world they would like their children to experience. As part of this 90 minute workshop, parents are invited to bring their smartphones, download the tool, and experiment with settings.

Participants will receive a coupon code for a free 6 month subscription. This subscription covers multiple children.

We go not charge this workshop. Any donations to the Sadie Walker Foundation will be gratefully accepted.

This program can be offered in English and Spanish

If you are interested in more information or scheduling and event for your school, faith community, or HOA, you can reach us, click here to contact us.

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