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This site is intended as a permanent memorial to our daughter Sadie who died unexpectedly on Christmas day 2014. Many words describe Sadie. She was a daughter, a sister, a friend, a musician and an athlete. We, her family and friends miss her terribly. Her death has affected thousands.

As we speak with young people and their parents, we learn that our story is tragically not uncommon. In fact, what we see over and over is a series of common threads. And so, as we grieve together, we also learn together. Come on in, take a look.

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Our Story

This is the original story by Scott Gordon that aired on May 22, 2015 on NBC5DFW.



This weekend we had a great time supporting NAMI Dallas and Jennifer Gray!  Jennifer hosted the Don’t Quit half marathon in support of mental illness and suicide prevention. To learn more about Jennifer and her work check out her Facebook page. Thank you Diana, Nicole, Karen, Bethzua, Daniella, Beth, Clemence, Jillian, David and Lucy for […]


Spoiler Alert: This post reveals important plot elements of the miniseries 13 Reasons Why. When I decided to write a piece on the miniseries 13 Reasons Now, I had a chance to discuss it with some kids from our group. As with any complicated topic, the reactions are varied. Some of us enjoyed it – […]

Mental Health

Amazing Super Power Discovered

April 27, 2017

So, if you’ve spoken with me over the last few years you may have heard my super power joke. This is the joke where I recount all of the wonderful effects of sudden and severe trauma: sleeplessness, memory loss, difficulty concentrating, memory loss…wait, did I say that one already? OK, never mind. The joke concludes […]


Thank you to parents of confirmation candidates and the faith formation staff at St. Joseph – especially Katie Smith, Ojas Inamdar, and Christie Gutierrez Quintanilla. In the Western Church, candidates for the sacrament of confirmation are usually young teens. Preparation consists in part in giving them the tools to live out and defend their faith […]


Apollo STEAM Academy has made some very impressive changes at the beginning of this year. First, as a matter of school policy, all cell phone use is now prohibited during school hours. Why is this a good idea? First smart phone use in general and social media in particular is a huge source of distraction and […]

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